Great PR

23 07 2012

The Blood of Christ has been shed for me.  Please.  Don’t do me any favors.  Keep your blood.  Get mankind to take you off the cross.  Live the life you want to live.  Then you can be my inspiration instead of my critic.

I’m a Christian rebel.  I believe in you God but I don’t believe you sacrificed your son for us.  What father in his right mind would? 

You’re my best friend; not a judgmental father to be feared, who will send me directly to hell without passing Go and collecting $200 if I don’t believe in you the way society tells me I should.

What a bunch of crap.

But I must admit this stance is a clever marketing strategy implemented by churches and governments.  It certainly facilitates keeping people in line as well as encouraging us to volunteer to be victims.  It’s just a shame the Crusades had to kill, rape pillage and plunder to make their point.

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